Seed Grant Program

Fall 2021 CVG Seed Grant Awards

The Center for Vertebrate Genomics is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2021 Seed Grant Awards. We thank all of the applicants for the opportunity to consider their excellent proposals. We are very proud to support the oustanding research collaborations of our awardees, spanning 4 colleges (CALS, CAS, CVM, and ENG) and 8 different departments (An Sci, BME, Clin Sci, Comp Bio, MBG, M&I, Nat Res, Psych). Congratulations to this year's recipients:

  • Drs. Nina Overgaard Therkildsen and Philipp Messer received $30,000 for "Investigating the genomic basis of rapid adaptation in an invasive migratory fish."
  • Drs. Jonathan Butcher and Iwijn De Vlaminck received $30,000 for "Collective Neighborhood Signaling Controlling Fetal Ventricular Growth and Maturation."
  • Drs. Jingyue (Ellie) Duan and Soon Hon Cheong received $20,000 for "Establishment of Bovine Embryos Model to Determine the Effect of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) on Mammalian Embryo DNA Methylation and Zygotic Transcription."
  • Drs. Norah Smith, Andrew Grimson, and Brian Rudd received $20,000 for "Natural genetic variation in CD8+ T cell immunity"
  • Drs. Nora Prior, Ehren Bentz, and Alexander Ophir received $20,000 for "Social-bonding induced changes in chromatin architecture."

Previously awarded CVG Seed Grants