Past Seed Grant Awards

Fall 2023

  • Dr. Brian Rudd, collaborators: Andrew Grimson, and Iwijn De Vlaminck for "In vivo barcoding for high dimensional profiling of single cells in space and time."
  • Dr. Eirene Markenscoff-Papadimitriou, collaborator: Andrew Miller for "Applying genomics to study the basis of aggressive and tame behaviors in domesticated silver fox."
  • Dr. Leonardo Campagna, collaborator: Maria Recuerda for "A pangenomic approach to understanding the genetics of plumage coloration in a rapid avian radiation."
  • Dr. Daniel Berry, collaborator: Toly Aydemir for "Investigating the role of the zinc transporter, Zip14, in adipose tissue biology."
  • Dr. John Schimenti, collaborator: Mariana Wolfner for "Phosphoproteomics of mouse egg activation."

Fall 2022

  • Drs. Ilana Brito and Cynthia Leifer received $30,000 for "Macrophage responses in the context of IBD: Disentangling the role of genetic polymorphisms and pro-inflammatory bacteria."
  • Drs. Michael Sheehan and Charles Danko received $30,000 for "Consequences of genetic variation on transcription and behavior in complex natural environments."
  • Drs. Jan Lammerding and John Lis received $20,000 for "Applying Genomics Approaches to Study Nuclear Mechanotransduction."
  • Drs. Yi Athena Ren and Iwijn De Valminck received $20,000 for "Spatial-temporal control of ovarian follicle rupture: Exploring fundamental mechanisms behind a unique process with a big impact."
  • Drs. Jessica Hayward, Adam Boyko, and Rory Todhunter received $20,000 for "Low-pass whole-genome sequencing and imputation to improve power for genome-wide association study of canine hip dysplasia."

Fall 2021

  • Drs. Nina Overgaard Therkildsen and Philipp Messer received $30,000 for "Investigating the genomic basis of rapid adaptation in an invasive migratory fish."
  • Drs. Jonathan Butcher and Iwijn De Vlaminck received $30,000 for "Collective Neighborhood Signaling Controlling Fetal Ventricular Growth and Maturation."
  • Drs. Jingyue (Ellie) Duan and Soon Hon Cheong received $20,000 for "Establishment of Bovine Embryos Model to Determine the Effect of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) on Mammalian Embryo DNA Methylation and Zygotic Transcription."
  • Drs. Norah Smith, Andrew Grimson, and Brian Rudd received $20,000 for "Natural genetic variation in CD8+ T cell immunity"
  • Drs. Nora Prior, Ehren Bentz, and Alexander Ophir received $20,000 for "Social-bonding induced changes in chromatin architecture."

Fall 2020

  • Drs. Yi Athena Ren and Paul Soloway received $30,000 for "The luteinizing hormone surge-induced chromatin remodeling in the regulation of ovulation and luteal function."
  • Drs. Andrew Clark and Mariana Wolfner received $20,000 for "Characterizing the transcriptional regulation of single-copy protein-coding genes on the Drosophila Y chromosome."
  • Drs. Natasza Kurpios and Iwijn De Vlaminck received $20,000 for "Spatiotemporal single-cell RNA sequencing of muscular-lymphatic heterogeneity and function in the mouse intestine."
  • Dr. David Lin received $20,000 for "Neuronal Derived Extracellular Vesicles in CNS and PNS Regeneration."
  • Dr. Nathan Vacanti received $20,000 for "Blocking Metabolic Adaptations that allow Hypoxic Triple-Negative Breast Tumor Cores to Suppress Apoptosis."
  • Dr. Tolunay Beker Ayedemir received $10,000 for "Mitochondrial ZIP14 regulates intracellular Mn redistribution in astrocytes."
  • Drs. Zhenlong Gu and Kimberly O'Brien received $10,000 for "Impact of Iron Status on Single Cell Mitochondrial DNA Mutation."

Fall 2019

  • Drs. Joeva Barrow and Anna Thalacker-Mercer received $30,000 for "Leveraging high-throughput small molecule screens towards the treatment of mitochondrial disease."
  • Drs. Julia Felippe, Paul Soloway, and Cedric Feschotte received $30,000 for "The epigenomic network in common variable immunodeficiency: are transposable elements behind the scenes?"
  • Dr. Andrea Flesken-Nikitin received $20,000 for "Molecular and cellular changes during the early stages of serous endometrial carcinoma."
  • Dr. Amnon Koren received $20,000 for "CRISPR-Mutagenesis Coupled to Single-Cell DNA Sequencing for Discovering Novel Regulators of Human DNA Replication Timing."
  • Dr. Shu-Bing Qian received $20,000 for "A Genetic Circuit Formed by Ribosomes"
  • Drs. Irby Lovette and Leonardo Campagna received $10,000 for "Regulation of melanogenesis and its relevance to promoting avian phenotypic differentiation and speciation."
  • Dr. Ned Place received $10,000 for "Single-cell RNA-seq analysis of primordial germ cell heterogeneity in postnatal naked mole-rat ovaries."

Fall 2018

  • Drs. Tracy Stokol and Duane Hassane received $14,958 for "Comparative Genomic Evaluation of Canine Acute Myeloid Leukemia."
  • Drs. Natasza Kurpios, Charles Danko, and Eva Oxford received $6,424 for "Identification of transcriptional regulatory elements associated with the development of cardiac rhythm disturbances in Playrr deficient mice."
  • Dr. Jeremy Searle and Mr. Benjamin Johnson received $14,400 for "Transcriptomic analysis of mitonuclear epistasis in lungless salamanders."
  • Drs. Haiyuan Yu and Hening Lin received $15,000 for "Towards a comprehensive atlas of 3D structural interactome networks across human tissues."

Fall 2017

  • Dr. Sylvia Lee received $10,000 for "Conserved patterns of histone modifications through aging."
  • Dr. David Lin received $15,000 for "Multi-omic analysis of single cells using a microfluidic device."
  • Drs. Nina Overgaard Therkildsen and Philipp Messer received $15,000 for "Using historical DNA samples to characterize the genomic basis for fisheries-induced evolution."
  • Dr. Andrew White received $10,000 for "Identifying miRNAs necessary for melanoma growth and development."
  • Dr. Jennifer Grenier received $15,000 (shared technology award) for "Technology Development of Single-cell Gene Expression Profiling at Cornell."
  • Dr. Robert Weiss received $10,000 (shared equipment award) for "Molecular combing instrumentation to dissect molecular characteristics of replicating DNA."

Fall 2016

  • Dr. Paula Cohen received $15,000 for "Establishing an in vitro spermatogonial stem cell (SSC) culture system for a CRISPR mutagenesis screen to identify genes required for entry into meiosis in mouse and human."
  • Dr. Jeremy Searle received $15,000 for "A population genomic study of a non-model organism utilizing cost-effective 3'RNAseq."
  • Dr. Sergiy Libert received $13,000 for "Genomics Approach to Uncover Mechanisms of Oocyte Rejuvenation."
  • Dr. Irby Lovette received $12,000 for "Genomic Insight into Parallel Evolution."
  • Drs. Amnon Koren and Marcus Smolka received $10,000 for "Genomic analysis of factors required for centromere and heterochromatin replication in human cells."

Fall 2015

  • Dr. Adam Anderson received $10,000 for "Neurogenetics of Sensitivity to the Environment: Emotional Memory as a Mediator of GXE Effects."
  • Dr. Kathleen Kelly received $14,000 for "Genomics of Sudden Cardiac Death in Thoroughbred Racehorses."
  • Drs. Jeff Pleiss and Thomas Cleland received $15,000 for "Determining temporally- and spatially-regulated changes in gene expression in the mouse brain induced by incremental associative learning."
  • Dr. Kenneth Simpson received $6,000 for "Identifying the Genetic Basis of Protein Losing Enteropathy in Yorshire Terriers."
  • Drs. Robert Weiss and Marcus Smolka received $10,000 for "Creating new mouse models to resolve the key physiological functions of the 9-1-1 DNA damage response complex."

Fall 2014

  • Dr. Zhenglong Gu received $7,000 for "Single-cell mitochondrial DNA heteroplasmy in human muscle stem cells."
  • Dr. Heather Huson received $12,000 for "Identifying genes related to out of season breeding in sheep."
  • Dr. S. Sylvia Lee received $12,000 for "Functional analysis of conserved lipid regulators."
  • Dr. Cindy Leifer received $12,000 for "Transcriptomic analysis of macrophage mechanosensing."
  • Dr. Haiyuan Yu received $12,000 for "Developing a cell-free system for protein interactomes."
  • Dr. Kelly Zamudio received $10,000 for "Unravelling amphibian-chytrid infection dynamics: dual RNAseq of host and pathogen."

Fall 2013

  • Dr. Avery August received $14,967 for "Generation of condition and inducible deletions of the actin binding protein Drebrin mutant in mice."
  • Dr. Patricia Johnson received $7,000 for "Hepatic gene expression profiling to identify changes associated with altered ovarian follicle selection."
  • Dr. Sergiy Libert received $15,000 for "Identification of SIRT6 targets responsible for the induction of apoptosis in cancer cells."
  • Dr. Ling Qi received $15,000 for "HFD and TLR2/4 deficiency synergistically induce pulmonary damage and mortality via an altered microbiota."
  • Dr. Vimal Selvaraj received $4,200 for "Resting the effect of TSPO ligands in DSS-induced acute ulcerative colitis in mice."
  • Shared Equipent funding: $11,771 for X-Ray Power Source for Live Small Animal Micro-CT Imaging System

Fall 2012

  • Dr. Yves Boisclair received $8,015 for "Identification of miRNAs regulating the re-organization of metabolism in liver, muscle and adipose tissue during the transition from pregnancy to lactation."
  • Dr. Irby Lovette received $12,000 for "Transcriptomics of conspecific song preference. Genetic mechanisms conferring evolutionary stability to a learned pre-mating barrier."
  • Dr. Susan Quirk received $6,000 for "Cell Fate Mapping of the Ovarian Theca."
  • Drs. Brian Rudd and Andrew Grimson received $15,000 for "Identifying miRNAs that regulate the allergic response in early life."
  • Dr. Tudorita Tumbar received $10,000 for "Testing the role of low epigenetic identity in quiescent tissue stem cell plasticity by rapid generation of transgenic multiple mutant mice."

Fall 2011

  • Dr. Adam Boyko received $7,000 for "Genomic signatures of altitude adaptation in Andean village dogs."
  • Dr. Samantha Brooks received $7,000 for "Identifying genes controlling locomotion pattern: the horse as a model species."
  • Drs. Andrew Clark and John Schimenti received $8,000 for "Regulation of expression of both maternally and paternally derived X-linked genes in a mouse model of Turner syndrome."
  • Dr. Andrew Grimson received $15,000 for "A Novel Method for microRNA Target Identification."
  • Drs. Zhenglong Gu and Kimberly O'Brien received $15,000 for "Metabolic Adaptation to Regional Environments in Human Populations."
  • Dr. Vimal Selvaraj received $8,200 for "Transcriptome screen in bovine blastocysts to identify species-specific factors for sustaining pluripotency."

Fall 2010

  • Drs. Robin Davisson and Ram Sharma received $4,000 for "Developing novel tools to dissect the functional role of miRNAs in cardiovascular regulatory circuits of murine brain."
  • Dr. Ling Qi received $10,000 for "The identification of XBP1 Targets in Adipocytes."
  • Drs. Susan Quirk and Rebecca Williams received $6,000 for "Multiphoton imaging of vascular events required for ovulation in transgenic mice with altered signaling through the hedgehog pathway."
  • Drs. John Schimenti and Marcus Smolka received $15,000 for "Screen for mammalian meiotic checkpoint proteins via combinatorial genetics and phosphoproteomics."
  • Drs. Marcus Smolka, Paula Cohen, and Robert Weiss received $14,967 for "Regulation of Mouse SLX4 by DNA Damage and Replication Checkpoint Signaling."
  • Drs. Kelly Zamudio and Anna Savage received $13,744 for "Comparative transcriptomics of Lowland Leopard Frogs (Lithobates yavapaiensis) with divergent responses to a pathogenic fungus."

Fall 2009

  • Drs. Adam Siepel and W. Lee Kraus received $15,000 for "Comparative interrogation of glucocorticoid receptor binding in primates by ChIP-seq and GRO-seq."
  • Drs. Jason Mezey and Marjory Brooks received $14,200 for "Identification of the Locus Responsible for Canine Scott Syndrome (CSS)."
  • Drs. Nathan Sutter and Samantha Brooks received $10,360 for "Pilot Genome-wide Association for Skeletal Size in Thoroughbreds."
  • Drs. Yves Boisclair and Dale Bauman received $5,000 for "Conjugated linoleic acids, lipogenesis and the prevention of breast cancers."
  • Dr. Qiaoming Long received $8,500 for "Genetic Reagents for in vivo and in vitro studies of RFX6 functions in pancreatic islets."
  • Dr. Ikhide Imumorin received $7,500 for "Search for Putative Imprinted Positional Candidate Genes for Parent-of-Origin QTL in Bovine Chromosome 2."
  • Drs. Andrew Clark and John Fitzpatrick received $11,700 for "Genome-wide SNP discoery for field-oriented genomic studies of the Florida Scrub-Jay (Aphelocoma coerulescens)."
  • Drs. Mark Roberson and Andrew Clark received $10,000 for "RNA Sequent Studies on Human Placental Samples."

Fall 2008

  • Drs. Doug Antczak and Andrew Clark received $13,000 for "Transcriptome-wide identification of imprinted genes and quantification of genome-wide differential allelic expression in horse-donkey interspecies hybrids."
  • Dr. Carl Hopkins received $8,000 for "Transcriptome Sequencing of the Electric Organ, a Novel Vertebrate Tissue Type."
  • Dr. John Lis and Alexander Nikitin received $12,200 for "Transcriptional Regulation in Mammary Stem Cells, Cancer Stem Cells and Tumors."
  • Dr. Amy McCune received $8,000 for "Lung morphogenesis genes in the swimbladder: manipulations of Nkx2.1 in the developing zebrafish swimbladder."
  • Dr. Ned Place received $10,160 for "A genomics approach to ovarian insensitivity to gonadotropin stimulation."
  • Dr. Alexander Travis received $10,000 for "Modulation of Cav2.3 (a1E) Calcium Channel Function in Sperm by the Ganglioside GM1: Investigations Using a1E Null Mice."
  • Dr. Thomas Brenna and Kumar Kothapalli received $6000 for "Functional Characterization of FADS AT (Alternative Transcripts) in Long Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Biosynthesis."

Fall 2007

  • Drs. Carlos Bustamante and Adam Boyko received $15,000 for "The history and biology of dog domestication: a genomic study using a global survey of non-breed affiliated village dogs."
  • Dr. S. Sylvia Lee received $10,000 for "A role for Hcf proteins in longevity control."
  • Dr. David Lin received $10,000 for "Odorant receptor choice in the mouse olfactory epithelium."
  • Dr. Kenneth Simpson received $15,000 for "Investigation of the genetic basis of Histiocytic ulderative colitis in the boxer dog."

Fall 2006

  • Dr. Gregory Acland received $11,654 for "Molecular Genetics of Tame and Aggressive Behavior in Silver Foxes."
  • Drs. Carlos Bustamante and Marjory Brooks received $9,800 for "Linkage Analyses of Canine Scott Syndrome."
  • Dr. Susan Quirk received $10,300 for "Genetic pathways regulating follicle development in the mammalian ovary."
  • Dr. Paul Soloway received $14,500 for "Single molecular chromatin analysis of the developing mouse embryo."
  • Shared Equipent funding: $5000 for Optical Microscopy Equipment

Fall 2005

  • Dr. Patricia Cassano received $14,910 for "Genetic variation in folate metabolism and the risk of cardiovascular disease in human populations."
  • Dr. Teresa Gunn received $9,800 for "Acquisition of phenotypic data for use in fine mapping genomic loci affecting susceptibility of ventricular arrhythmias in golden retrievers."
  • Dr. W. Lee Kraus received $15,000 for "Examining chromatin binding by PARP-1 on a genomic scale."
  • Dr. David McCobb received $10,000 for "The role of adrenal epinephrine output in dominance interactions between male mice."
  • Dr. Rory Todhunter received $20,000 for "Microsatellite primers for minimal screening sets in dogs"
  • Shared Equipment funding: $30,000 for the Canine DNA Bank
  • Shared Equipment funding: $14,862 for Behavioral Phenotyping Equipment
  • Shared Equipment funding: $6340 for an Agilent hybridization oven

Fall 2004

  • Dr. James Casey received $7,950 for "Retroviral promoter tagging of cell lineages in transgenic zebrafish."
  • Dr. Richard Goldstein received $9,000 for "The Genetic Basis for Primary Hyperparathyroidism in the Keeshond."
  • Dr. Lee Kraus received $10,000 for "Determining Patterns of Factor Recruitment to Estrogen-Regulated Genes on a Global Scale."
  • Drs. Vicki Meyers-Wallen and Alexander Travis received $14,000 for "Preparation of Canine Embryonic Stem Cells."
  • Dr. Dan Luo received $15,000 for a collaborative study on DNA Nano-arrays.