CVG Journal Club

The CVG Journal Club holds discussions of current articles drawn from broad, interdisciplinary topics which describe useful approaches, tools, and resources in genomics. Graduate students and post-docs in CVG labs will choose the topics/articles and lead the discussion. All CVG members and lab members are encouraged to attend. Meetings will be once per month, informal (and even fun!!), with snacks and drinks provided.

Faculty Advisor: Praveen Sethupathy
Student Organizers 2020-2021: Austin Hovland and Adriana Alexander

COVID-19 Update (Dec 15):
For the Spring 2021 semester, the CVG Journal Club will be held via Zoom meeting. The meeting link will be shared via the Verge-L email list and may be requested by emailing the organizers or
Charlotte Williams.

CVG Journal Club meets the last Thursday each month from 4:00-5:00pm.

Schedule Spring 2021

January 28, 2021

  • Austin Hovland (Simoes-Costa lab)
    da Silveira WA, Fazelinia H, Rosenthal SB, Laiakis EC, Kim MS, Meydan C, Kidane Y, Rathi KS, Smith SM, Stear B, Ying Y. Comprehensive Multi-omics Analysis Reveals Mitochondrial Stress as a Central Biological Hub for Spaceflight Impact. Cell. 2020 Nov 25;183(5):1185-201. Article
  • Kieran Koch-Laskowski (Sethupathy Lab)
    Malkani S, Chin CR, Cekanaviciute E, Mortreux M, Okinula H, Tarbier M, Schreurs AS, Shirazi-Fard Y, Tahimic CG, Rodriguez DN, Sexton BS. Circulating miRNA Spaceflight Signature Reveals Targets for Countermeasure Development. Cell Reports. 2020 Dec 8;33(10):108448. Article

February 25, 2021

  • Lauren Walter (Cosgrove Lab)
    Eyler CE, Matsunaga H, Hovestadt V, Vantine SJ, van Galen P, Bernstein BE. Single-cell lineage analysis reveals genetic and epigenetic interplay in glioblastoma drug resistance. Genome biology. 2020 Dec;21(1):1-21. Article
  • Adriana Alexander (Cohen & Danko Labs)
    Maxwell KG, Augsornworawat P, Velazco-Cruz L, Kim MH, Asada R, Hogrebe NJ, Morikawa S, Urano F, Millman JR. Gene-edited human stem cell–derived β cells from a patient with monogenic diabetes reverse preexisting diabetes in mice. Science translational medicine. 2020 Apr 22;12(540). Article
  • Sangeeta Ghuwalewala (Tumbar Lab)
    Ji AL, Rubin AJ, Thrane K, Jiang S, Reynolds DL, Meyers RM, Guo MG, George BM, Mollbrink A, Bergenstråhle J, Larsson L. Multimodal analysis of composition and spatial architecture in human squamous cell carcinoma. Cell. 2020 Jul 23;182(2):497-514. Article

March 25, 2021 4:00 - 4:30 pm

  • Divya Ganapathi Sankaran (Grimson Lab)
    Coyle SM, Flaum EM, Li H, Krishnamurthy D, Prakash M. Coupled active systems encode an emergent hunting behavior in the unicellular predator Lacrymaria olor. Current Biology. 2019 Nov 18;29(22):3838-50. Article
  • Watch a video of hunting behavior! video

April 29, 2021

  • Alexandra Chivu (Danko Lab) and Ethan Sanford (Smolka Lab)
    Mahdessian D, Cesnik AJ, Gnann C, Danielsson F, Stenström L, Arif M, Zhang C, Le T, Johansson F, Shutten R, Bäckström A. Spatiotemporal dissection of the cell cycle with single-cell proteogenomics. Nature. 2021 Feb;590(7847):649-54. Article
  • Mauricio Paramo (H. Yu Lab)
    Lee JD, Paulo JA, Posey RR, Mugoni V, Kong NR, Cheloni G, Lee YR, Slack FJ, Tenen DG, Clohessy JG, Gygi SP. Dual DNA and protein tagging of open chromatin unveils dynamics of epigenomic landscapes in leukemia. Nature Methods. 2021 Mar;18(3):293-302. Article

May 27, 2021

  • Viviana Maymi (Rudd Lab)
    Temba GS, Kullaya V, Pecht T, Mmbaga BT, Aschenbrenner AC, Ulas T, Kibiki G, Lyamuya F, Boahen CK, Kumar V, Joosten LA. Urban living in healthy Tanzanians is associated with an inflammatory status driven by dietary and metabolic changes. Nature Immunology. 2021 Mar;22(3):287-300. Article
  • Josh Jones (Brito Lab)
    Cheng S, Li Z, Gao R, Xing B, Gao Y, Yang Y, Qin S, Zhang L, Ouyang H, Du P, Jiang L. A pan-cancer single-cell transcriptional atlas of tumor infiltrating myeloid cells. Cell. 2021 Feb 4;184(3):792-809. Article

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