New & Noteworthy Publications

The CVG is committed to increasing awareness of current genomics research in our community. Listed below are the latest noteworthy publications from CVG member labs. We hope this will be a helpful way to stay informed of the exciting genomics work that is happening on our campus.

Director's Highlights Fall 2022

I'm delighted to highlight this semester 6 publications from members of the CVG community across 5 colleges and 7 departments. I'm particularly pleased to note that three of the publications are led by CVG Scholar award recipients from 2019 (Bhargav Sanketi, Kurpios Lab; Seoyeon Lee, Soloway Lab) and 2020 (Min-Ting Lee, Johnson Lab). I also want to make special mention here of a 2021 CVG Distinguished Scholar, Madhav Mantri (De Vlaminck Lab), who was selected by a separate review committee to be one among three trainee speakers, alongside Laura Dunn (Baines Lab) and Jason Chobirko (Feschotte/Grimson Labs), at the recent immunogenomics symposium at Cornell. Madhav presented his work recently published in Nature Cardiovascular Research. Congratulations to all of our outstanding trainees!

Science September 2022

Pitx2 patterns an accelerator-brake mechanical feedback through latent TGFβ to rotate the gut

Sanketi BD, Zuela-Sopilniak N, Bundschuh E, Gopal S, Hu S, Long J, Lammerding J, Hopyan S, Kurpios NA.
Science. 2022 Sep 23;377(6613).

Bhargav Sanketi
Jan Lammerding
Natasza Kuprios

Nature Microbiology September 2022

Characterization of interactions of dietary cholesterol with the murine and human gut microbiome

Le HH, Lee MT, Besler KR, Comrie J, Johnson EL.
Nature microbiology. 2022 Sep;7(9):1390-403.

Min-Ting Lee
Elizabeth Johnson

Frontiers in Veterinary Science Logo

Complex feline disease mapping using a dense genotyping array.

Hernandez I, Hayward JJ, Brockman JA, White ME, Mouttham L, Wilcox EA, Garrison S, Castelhano MG, Loftus JP, Gomes FE, Balkman C, Brooks MB, Fiani N, Forman M, Kern T, Kornreich B, Ledbetter, EC, Peralta S, Struble A, Caligiuri L, Corey E, Lin L, Jordan J, Sack D, Boyko AR, Lyons LA, Todhunter RJ.
Frontiers in veterinary science. 2022;9.

Jessica Hayward
Adam Boyko
Rory Todhunter

Nature Communications Logo

Remodeling of gene regulatory networks underlying thermogenic stimuli-induced adipose beiging.

Lee S, Benvie AM, Park HG, Spektor R, Harlan B, Brenna JT, Berry DC, Soloway PD.
Communications biology. 2022 Jun 14;5(1):1-6.

Seoyeon Lee
Paul Soloway

Past Publications