New & Noteworthy Publications

The CVG is committed to increasing awareness of current genomics research in our community. Listed below are the latest noteworthy publications from CVG member labs. We hope this will be a helpful way to stay informed of the exciting genomics work that is happening on our campus.

Director's Highlights Spring 2022

This semester's selections include the work of trainees, staff, and faculty from five different departments/institutes (EEB, DNS, MBG, BMS, and Baker). Several cross-college collaborations and CVG scholars and trainee leaders are highlighted!

Nature Genetics No.3 March 2022

Prediction of histone post-translational modification patterns based on nascent transcription data.

Wang Z, Chivu AG, Choate LA, Rice EJ, Miller DC, Chu T, Chou SP, Kingsley NB, Petersen JL, Finno CJ, Bellone RR. Antczak DF, Lis JT, Danko CG.
Nature Genetics. 2022 Mar;54(3):295-305.

Alex is a 2019 CVG Scholar jointly mentored by John Lis and Charles Danko.

Alexandra Chivu
John Lis
Charles Danko

Genome Research January 2022

Zebrafish transposable elements show extensive diversification in age, genomic distribution, and developmental expression

Chang NC, Rovira Q, Wells JN, Feschotte C, Vaquerizas JM.
Genome Research. 2022 Jan 5:gr-275655.

Sylvia is a 2020 CVG Distinguished Scholar mentored by Cedric Feschotte.

Sylvia Chang
Cedric Feschotte

eLife scientific publishing logo

Multiple 9-1-1 complexes promote homolog synapsis, DSB repair, and ATR signaling during mammalian meiosis.

Pereira C, Arroyo-Martinez GA, Guo MZ, Downey MS, Kelly ER, Grive KJ, Mahadevaiah SK, Sims JR, Faca VM, Tsai C, Schiltz CJ, Wit N, Jacobs H, Clark NL, Freire R, Turner J, Lyndaker AM, Brieno-Enriquez MA, Cohen PE, Smolka MB, Weiss RS.
Elife. 2022 Feb 8;11:e68677.

Catalina graduated from the Weiss lab and is now a post-doctoral fellow in the Schimenti and Danko labs.

Catalina Pereira
Paula Cohen
Marcus Smolka
Robert Weiss

Nature Chemical Biology volume 18 Issue 2

Dynamic eIF3a O-GlcNAcylation controls translation reinitiation during nutrient stress

Shu XE, Mao Y, Jia L, Qian SB.
Nature Chemical Biology. 2022 Feb;18(2):134-41.

Erica was the CVG Journal Club co-leader in 2019, mentored by Shu-Bing Qian.

Erica Shu
Shu-Bing Qian

Cancer Discovery Volume 12 Issue 7

SETD2 haploinsufficiency enhances germinal center-associated AICDA somatic hypermutation to drive B cell lymphomagenesis.

Leung W, Teater M, Durmaz C, Meydan C, Chivu AG, Chadburn A, Rice EJ, Muley A, Camarillo JM, Arivalagan J, Li Z, Flowers CE, Kelleher NL, Danko CG, Imielinski M, Dave SS, Armstong SA, Mason CE, Melnick AM.
Cancer Discovery. 2022 Apr 20.

Wilfred was a BBS student in the Richards lab before finishing his thesis in the Melnick lab (Weill) following Kristy's untimely passing. We are very honored to include Kristy here in the same semester as the inaugural Kristy Richards Memorial Lecture.

Wilfred Leung
Kristy Richards

Heredity April 2022

The evolutionary significance of meiotic drive.

Searle JB, de Villena FP.
Heredity. 2022 Apr 25:1-4.

Jeremy Searle

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