Travel Awards

The Center for Vertebrate Genomics is pleased to provide funding to support the travel of students, postdocs and faculty to attend scientific conferences or to enroll in specialized courses or workshops outside of Cornell. The activity should be important to the education or professional advancement of the applicant in the area of vertebrate genomics.

Standard travel award amounts are $800.

Application Procedure


Requests for funding will be reviewed on an as-needed and first-come basis until quarterly funds are exhausted. Applications must be submitted PRIOR to the date of travel.


  • The traveler must belong to a lab whose PI is an active CVG faculty member.
  • Travel awards require PI approval.
  • There is a limit of three travel awards per PI lab per calendar year. (You are welcome to contact Charlotte,, to confirm your lab's current eligibility.)


To request funding, please send an email (include traveler's name in the subject line) with the following information to Praveen Sethupathy ( and Charlotte Williams (, and CC the traveler's PI.

  • Traveler's name, traveler's position, PI's name
  • Dates, location, and title of the conference/workshop
  • Travel Purpose: Briefly describe the importance of the meeting for your research or training in vertebrate genomics. Clear genomic relevance is required.
  • If a presentation will be given, indicate the type (poster or talk)
  • Estimated travel costs (transportation, registration, lodging etc)
  • Traveler's last conference attended (title and date)

The traveler's PI should reply to the email submission with their approval of the application.

Notification of Award Status

Applicants will be notified approximately 5 days after application submission.