The Genomics Scholars Program

Fall 2021

The Fall 2021 scholar competition is now CLOSED.
The Center for Vertebrate Genomics is not accepting applications for scholars at this time.
The CVG will announce its next round of applications in early Fall 2022. Due dates are typically in early October.

2021-2022 Genomics Scholars Award Recipients

The Center for Vertebrate Genomics is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2021-2022 Genomics Scholars Awards. This year was by far the most competitive review in recent history. We thank all of the applicants for the opportunity to consider their excellent proposals. We are very proud to support the research and training of our outstanding awardees. Among this diverse group of 3 post-docs and 7 graduate students, there are 5 different colleges (CVM, CALS, ENG, HumEc, and CAS) and 7 different departments (MBG, BME, BMS, Mol Med, DNS, EEB, and CCB) represented. Congratulations to this year's recipients:

Distinguished Scholar Awards

  • Mr. Matthew Edwards, graduate student, Koren laboratory, for "Comprehensive Genomic Mapping of Allele-specific DNA Replication Timing in Health and Disease"
  • Mr. Madhav Mantri, graduate student, De Vlaminck laboratory, for "Joint transcriptomic and immune receptor profiling of viral myocarditis"
  • Dr. Elena Panizza, postdoctoral fellow, Cerione laboratory, for "PARP9 as a novel target to radio-sensitize NAMPT-overexpressing glioma"

CVG Scholar Awards

  • Mr. Brian Aguilera, graduate student, Kurpios laboratory, for "Role of the homeodomain transcription factor Pitx2 in the differentiation and regeneration of the intestinal epithelium"
  • Dr. Carolline Ascencao, postdoctoral fellow, Smolka laboratory, for "Quality Control Mechanisms in Mammalian Meiosis: How Males Cope with the XY
  • Ms. Heesoo Jeong, graduate student, Vacanti laboratory, for "Identifying metabolic and proteomic alterations promoting survival of detached triple negative breast tumors"
  • Ms. Rosanna Ma, graduate student, Sethupathy laboratory, for "Defining the function of candidate oncogenic non-coding RNA LINC00473 in fibrolamellar carcinoma"
  • Mr. S. Blake Mitchell, graduate student, Ayedemir laboratory, for "Deletion of Zip14 incurs risk for ulcerative colitis by modulating host transcriptome and gut microbiome"
  • Dr. Sagar R. Shah, postdoctoral fellow, Lis and Yu laboratories, for "A comprehensive analysis of regulatory genomic landscape dynamics across the human body"
  • Dr. Anusha Shankar, postdoctoral fellow, Lovette and Vitousek laboratories, for "Hot and cold hummingbirds: Comparing birds and mammals to understand vertebrate sleep and torpor"

Past Genomics Scholarship Recipients